“Will Photogrammetry Make Laser Scanning Obsolete?” Presentation by David Boardman, 2015 Geov8 Expo

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UAV Mobile Mapping Technologies Geov8 Expo 2015Will Photogrammetry Make Laser Scanning Obsolete? presentation given by David Boardman,  CEO of Stockpile Reports 

at the Geov8 2015 Virtual Expo.

In this video, David Boardman shares his industry knowledge with this informative presentation on reality indexing and photogrammetry to show you innovative new business solutions.

Geov8 2015 Presentation: Will Photogrammetry Make Laser Scanning Obsolete?

This presentation illustrates how reality indexing and photogrammetry is solving major business challenges on and off site. David Boardman’s discussion and demonstration covers current 3D computer generation, customer-use cases for profit and nonprofit, future applications, large-scale measurements, and how photogrammetry is currently contributing to inventory measurement solutions in the construction, mining and aggregates industry.

About Stockpile Reports

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Stockpile Reports, founded in 2012, is based in Redmond, WA. The company’s patent-pending technology delivers accurate stockpile volume, tonnage and pile locations for customers who use an Apple® iPhone® device or Aerial data. Measurement results are displayed both as individual sites on a Google Map and as a separate stockpile report. Photos, reconstructed videos, date, time, material type, tonnage, and who measured it are documented with a corresponding contour map. Stockpile Reports has clients in 12 countries.

Geov8 2016 Virtual Expo

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