“A Scalable Approach to Point Cloud Processing” Presentation by Sravan Puttagunta, 2015 Geov8 Expo

“A Scalable Approach to Point Cloud Processing” Presentation by Sravan Puttagunta, CEO of Civil Maps at the Geov8 2015 Virtual Expo. In this video, Sravan Puttagunta, CEO of Civil Maps, gives his Geov8 2015 Virtual Expo presentation on how cloud-based infrastructure is allowing data collected from LiDAR to be manageable and processable into user-friendly reports. Geov8 2015 Presentation: […]

“Will Photogrammetry Make Laser Scanning Obsolete?” Presentation by David Boardman, 2015 Geov8 Expo

Will Photogrammetry Make Laser Scanning Obsolete? presentation given by David Boardman,  CEO of Stockpile Reports  at the Geov8 2015 Virtual Expo. In this video, David Boardman shares his industry knowledge with this informative presentation on reality indexing and photogrammetry to show you innovative new business solutions. Geov8 2015 Presentation: Will Photogrammetry Make Laser Scanning Obsolete? This presentation […]

“Innovations in Integrated UAV Mobile Mapping Technologies” Presentation by Andy Trench, 2015 Geov8 Expo

UAV mobile mapping technologies innovations and integrations presentation given by Andy Trench, Founder & CEO of XactSense,  at the Geov8 2015 Virtual Expo. In this video, Andy shares his industry knowledge of UAV Mobile Mapping Technologies and geospatial systems manufacturing that produce turnkey integration solutions for LIDAR, aerial laser scanning and close-range photogrammetry. Geov8 2015 Presentation: Innovations in […]

Geov8 Announces David Boardman, CEO of Stockpile Reports, as a Geov8 2015 Virtual Expo Presenter

Will Photogrammetry Make Laser Scanning Obsolete? Providence, RI, June 11, 2015 – Geov8 and Colburn Strategic Partners are pleased to announce Stockpile Reports CEO, David Boardman, will present at the Geov8 Virtual Expo scheduled for August 15, 2015. David is a geoinnovator, industry leader and technology entrepreneur. StockpileReports.com is the one stop website for recording, managing and […]

Andy Trench, XactSense Founder and CEO, GEOV8 2015 Virtual Expo Presenter

About Andy Trench, XactSense Founder and CEO Andy Trench is a prolific inventor, designer, UAV pilot, and technology evangelist. He is driven to improve the human experience through creative approach and intelligent design. Raised in Westchester NY, he attended Rhode Island School of Design, and now lives in Providence Rhode Island where he has co-owned […]

Geov8 2015 Virtual Expo Early Hero Adopter Specials End Soon!

Geov8 = Geo + Innovation Register now for the Geov8 2015 Virtual Expo and you’ll be one of our Hero Early Adopters! In addition to being one of the cool kids on the block, you get to help us craft this new and innovative online virtual event. And, did we mention that you’ll SAVE $94 […]

Geov8 2015 Virtual Expo Announced by Colburn Strategic Partners for August 15, 2015

An Online Virtual Geoinnovation Event Showcasing New and Innovative Geospatial Technology 04/12/2015 – The Geov8 2015 Virtual Expo is an online virtual geoinnovation event showcasing new and innovative geospatial technologies. This event will be held by Colburn Strategic Partners, experts in geospatial technology integration. There will be industry leaders and specialists in geospatial tech presenting […]