“A Scalable Approach to Point Cloud Processing” Presentation by Sravan Puttagunta, 2015 Geov8 Expo

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UAV Mobile Mapping Technologies Geov8 Expo 2015A Scalable Approach to Point Cloud Processing” Presentation by Sravan Puttagunta, CEO of Civil Maps

at the Geov8 2015 Virtual Expo.

In this video, Sravan Puttagunta, CEO of Civil Maps, gives his Geov8 2015 Virtual Expo presentation on how cloud-based infrastructure is allowing data collected from LiDAR to be manageable and processable into user-friendly reports.

Geov8 2015 Presentation: A Scalable Approach to Point Cloud Processing


Monitoring the health of infrastructure is essential to meet safety regulations and maintain efficient operations. This is currently achieved using a combination of surveying and data processing. Recent advancements in 3D scanning using LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) technology have led to a streamlined and efficient surveying process. This however resulted in a dramatic increase in the amount of imaging data collected for every kilometer of surveying.

Rudimentary data processing approaches involving point-and-click methods remain the bottleneck, preventing the industry from meeting their safety and operational goals, and fully capitalizing on the powerful capabilities of LiDAR instruments. This talk presents a scalable approach to point-cloud data processing for railroad asset location and health monitoring. Using a cloud-based infrastructure, survey data is uploaded and managed, and asset information extracted into reports. Distributed computing methods are employed to allow a scalable, fast and accurate point-cloud processing methodology.

About Civil Maps


CivilMapsCivil Maps is an on-demand perception and actuation technology company based in Silicon Valley. We empower heavy-industry and governmental customers to make faster and better geospatial-based decisions using our patented technology that enables computers to interpret and act on the physical world. We have completed continental-scale projects for national governments and Fortune 100 clients and across Electrical Utilities, Oil & Gas, Solar, Telecommunications, Transportation, Rail, Forestry and more. Civil Maps is recognized as a geospatial technology leader in the by LiDAR News, SPAR and Esri. Civil Maps was founded in 2014 and has grown to 31 employees.

Civil Maps’ resources are augmented through its partnerships with the leading geospatial, governmental and academic institutions including Esri Emerging Business Group, U.S. Department of Energy, National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center, Verizon Innovation Program, StartX, Michael Baum’s Founder.org, SkyDeck, University of California Berkeley, Stanford University and more.

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