Sameer Babbar, SVB Group Director and Founder of Zapiator, GEOV8 2015 Virtual Expo Presenter

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About Sameer Babbar, SVB Group Director and Founder of Zapiator

In his own words: “Rocket scientist, mentored by the person responsible for sending unmanned mission to mars. Working with big data since 1991 before the term was coined. Scientist, engineer, director, saxophone enthusiast, Rotarian. ”

Sameer is a multifaceted leader and he has worked on diverse roles across the world in managing professionals and providing leadership in developed and developing markets. His experience has given him an opportunity to develop skills with both depth and breadth of roles to manage people, processes, assets, finances, projects, technology, relationships and governance.

Starting from well-balanced Jesuit schooling to the prestigious IIT Roorkee followed by MBA from Melbourne Business School has created a solid foundation for inquisitive problem solving and optimistic goal driven leadership.

Sameer’s diploma from Australian Institute of Company Directors polished his work experience with structured Corporate Governance skills. He is a fellow of Australian Institute of Management. He has lived and worked in India, Middle East and Australia and completed projects and assignments in many other countries in the information management domain.

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About SVB Group

SVB Group is a boutique organization that specializes in helping executives make critical business decisions to drive innovation, enhance customer engagement and improve bottom line by transforming data into insights and drive real ROI.

SVB Group announced Zapiator, its cloud-based platform, which will help users around the globe spot local trends. SVB Group’s Zapiator platform ( allows users to analyze and make local decisions about any specific area of the world. It allows its users to integrate their own data with ease and gather local information, not previously seen.

Geov8 2015 Virtual Expo Presentation

Sameer will deliver the following presentation during Geov8 2015: