“Innovations in Integrated UAV Mobile Mapping Technologies” Presentation by Andy Trench, 2015 Geov8 Expo

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UAV Mobile Mapping Technologies Geov8 Expo 2015UAV mobile mapping technologies innovations and integrations presentation given by Andy Trench, Founder & CEO of XactSense

at the Geov8 2015 Virtual Expo.

In this video, Andy shares his industry knowledge of UAV Mobile Mapping Technologies and geospatial systems manufacturing that produce turnkey integration solutions for LIDAR, aerial laser scanning and close-range photogrammetry.

Geov8 2015 Presentation: Innovations in Integrated UAV Mobile Mapping Technologies

You may be more familiar with mobile mapping done from a moving automobile, but now we’re entering an era of new platforms and innovative remote sensing solutions. UAV mounted laser scanning is one example for low-altitude aerial mapping.

XactSense is on the leading edge of this new technology, integrating the Velodyne LIDAR VLP-16 “Puck” with their “MAX8″ UAV platform.

The new multi-laser puck builds on Velodyne’s reputation for small lightweight LIDAR and XactSense’s founder, Andy Trench, knows that this next-gen sensor is a game changer. Companies of all sizes can now afford to utilize this emergent drone technology. In anticipation of the low-cost laser’s release, XactSense designed a new adaptable folding 8-rotor UAV called the “MAX8.” This platform integrated the industry’s only electro-stabilized LIDAR gimbal with thermal and high-resolution cameras, vastly outperforming other systems we’ve seen in terms of features and flexibility. The resulting mapping drone is the lowest-cost option for people looking for more than just a photo or video from their UAV investment.

Source: Laser Scanning Drones: XactSense is First to Fly Velodyne’s New Low-Cost LIDAR “Puck”

About XactSense

XactSeXactSensense inc. offers turnkey UAV aircraft, geospatial scanning, and sensor integration solutions. Their GPS-Free UAV surveying platform gained XactSense national recognition as robotics and disruptive technology innovators in a rapidly growing market.

XactSense is often seen showing off their real-time mapping to an eager audience at conferences like the International LIDAR Mapping Forum ( ILMF ).

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