Geov8 2015 Virtual Expo

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Join us for the Geov8 Virtual Expo, an online virtual geoinnovation event created by Colburn Strategic Partners and hosted by Eric D. Colburn, PLS, to showcase new cutting-edge, innovative geospatial technologies.

Our last Geov8 Expo (held August 15, 2015) featured:

Think Global, Act Hyperlocal: Why proximity is king. by Sameer Babbar, Zapiator, SVG Group

Zapiator Screenshot

Topic Tags: GIS, Location Analytics, Geography, Big Data, Business Analysis

Innovations in Integrated UAV Mobile Mapping Technologies by Andy Trench, Xactsense

XactSense with Velodyne Puck

Topic Tags: Drones, UAV, Photogrammetry, Laser Scanning, Flight Automation

Will Photogrammetry Make Laser Scanning Obsolete? by David Boardman, Stockpile Reports

Measuring a stockpile with an iPhone

Topic Tags: Photogrammetry, Laser Scanning, 3D Computer Generation

A Scalable Approach to Point Cloud Processing by Sravan Puttagunta, Civil Maps

Civil maps point cloud visualization

Topic Tags: Laser Scanning, 3D Machine Control, CAD/Design/BIM

Innovative Surveying & Mapping Geospatial Technology Integrations by Eric Colburn, Colburn Strategic Partners

Surveyor Using a Drone/UAV

Topic Tags: Photogrammetry, Land Surveying, Workflow Optimization

Journey to the Moving Center of the Earth: Progress toward a new vertical datum by Daniel Martin, NOAA/NOS/National Geodetic Survey

Earth Collage by NASA and CALTECH

We look forward to seeing you at the Geov8 2015 Virtual Expo. Register now and join us at the event!