GEOV8 2015 Virtual Expo Presentation: A Scalable Approach to Point Cloud Processing

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A Scalable Approach to Point Cloud Processing

Puttagunta_SravanSravan Puttagunta, CEO of Civil Maps

Sravan Puttagunta, CEO of Civil Maps ( will give a presentation on how cloud-based infrastructure is allowing data collected from LiDAR to be manageable and processable into user-friendly reports.

Presentation Title: A Scalable Approach to Point Cloud Processing

Presenter: Sravan Puttagunta, CEO of Civil Maps

Presentation Description: Monitoring the health of infrastructure is essential to meet safety regulations and maintain efficient operations. This is currently achieved using a combination of surveying and data processing. Recent advancements in 3D scanning using LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) technology have led to a streamlined and efficient surveying process. This however resulted in a dramatic increase in the amount of imaging data collected for every kilometer of surveying. Rudimentary data processing approaches involving point-and-click methods remain the bottleneck, preventing the industry from meeting their safety and operational goals, and fully capitalizing on the powerful capabilities of LiDAR instruments. This talk presents a scalable approach to point-cloud data processing for railroad asset location and health monitoring. Using a cloud-based infrastructure, survey data is uploaded and managed, and asset information extracted into reports. Distributed computing methods are employed to allow a scalable, fast and accurate point-cloud processing methodology.